ABstudio & Lindy's Autumn Hop fun

Come and join the Autumn Hop fun with the amazing Design Teams from Lindy's and AB Studio combining their creative forces for a massive blog hop and it’s starting RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!

Our hop is a mixture of Blog posts and YouTube videos with many gorgeous ideas, styles and designs and runs from 16th to the 22nd of November. Our hop begins on the AB Studio Blog and ends on the Lindy's blog with loads of amazing inspiration in between.

Hop Order

•       AB Studiohttps://shop.agabaraniak.com/en/blog

•       Natalie Mayhttps://happydaks.blogspot.com/2019/10/abstudio-blog-hop.html

•       Karolina Czolbahttps://youtu.be/8ru3Oq9m6Ws

•       Dutt Preetyhttps://chatterwithpreeti.blogspot.com/2019/11/autumn-hop-ab-studio-and-lindys-vintage.html

•       Julia Ostanovskayahttps://youtu.be/1icqnJ91VHA

•       Aleksandra Miheličhttps://youtu.be/QvAiast9l5E

•       WuWu Zatokawspomnienhttps://youtu.be/P5GM3dFMQjw

•       Noura Pompilla Mejia -https://youtu.be/-uAKsjhKjW8

•       Natalia Trofimovahttps://youtu.be/KuEj5Z0zV1E

•       Olga Ravenskayahttps://youtu.be/hdZFi7FvIVY

•       Aga Baraniakhttps://youtu.be/Yd7KV-HPVAc

•       Anat Wekslerhttps://youtu.be/HhRZ_7RXLS0

•       Sylwia Gryczukhttps://youtu.be/BrH5GJyVPQg

•       Frau Ponyhttps://youtu.be/GyUmVhSKGxs

•       Anastasia Korvyyakovahttps://youtu.be/Skd9UujBOt8

•       Alicja Staszakhttps://youtu.be/F-FQaaCe6UM

•       Anastasiia Kuznetsovahttps://youtu.be/13cLMLZCsAc

•       Daria Schukinahttps://dariaschukina.blogspot.com/2019/11/lindys-ab-studio-autumn-hop-step-by.html https://youtu.be/pImDu3YRXrY

•       Marie Johanssonhttps://youtu.be/zpY9Q8w8Gco

•       Julia Kisselhttps://youtu.be/JRoGC8VarIQ

•       Anastasija Cernovahttps://youtu.be/JgZd-uVyyEQ

•       Maria Lillepruunhttps://youtu.be/-pzPHUoeCXM

•       Svetlana Sanochkinahttps://youtu.be/0IY1VWr2dJw

•       Viktoriya Porechnaya -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I02jkRHyglI

•       Kate Palmerhttps://www.sparkletart.com/rsr/2019/11/folded-christmas-card-with-ab-studio-and-lindys.html

•       Asia Marquethttps://youtu.be/ehdEsUm96tU

•       Pascale B. Scraphttps://youtu.be/KHNuIEPTOLI

•       Lindy's - https://lindysgang.blog/2019/11/12/ab-studio-and-lindys-autumn-hop/

Did someone say PRIZES?

Well apart from seeing art from 26 AMAZING artists, Lindy's and AB Studio are offering some fabulous prizes! There will be 4 small prizes and 1 major prize:

•       2 x $25 AB Studio vouchers

•       2 x $25 Lindy's vouchers and

•       1 MAJOR prize winner will get $25 from Lindy's and $25 from AB Studio.

To have a chance to Win one of the prizes you should leave a little love on each hop post or video and subscribe to the amazing YouTube channels.

Winners will be posted on our Social Media accounts so keep an eye out for the announcement.

Good luck and enjoy looking at all the stunning art,


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