Decoupage box

I’ve been systematically decorating diverse objects in decoupage technique from some time and of course I’ve been using AB Studio rice papers. There are a lot of patterns and there is really a lot to choose from.  No matter if you create vintage, rustic, farmhouse or modern projects – all of you will definitely find something you’ll like in a wide range of AB Studio rice papers.

Today I’d like to show you a small tea box with three dividers which I decorated using a floral rice paper sheet from AB Studio. The project is simple and rice paper plays the first fiddle here because it’s lovely and it brings to mind summer and vintage atmosphere - delicate small roses on dusty pink background are surrounded by leaves in mint colour. I repeated this mint shade on ornaments and on the lid to make my project cohesive. I also didn’t want it to look too rich in decorations.

Such a tea box can be used as a kitchen home decor or a lovely gift full of tea scents.



Hannas Decoupage / Anna Monka

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