Give a loved one a gift in the form of ABstudio products purchased on a gift card.

Available gift cards worth 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500 and 1000 (available in currencies: USD, EURO, PLN)

How to order?

1. Send an application to with the title Gift Card + selected value, e.g. 100
2. Provide the name and surname of the person who will be redeeming the Gift Card and their e-mail address.
3. You will receive a reply message with the created order in the store for the indicated value of the Gift Card.
4. Pay conveniently by PAYPAL or by bank transfer
5. Give a gift to a loved one. Please send a message to your friend that they must contact us before order to receive a special code to complete their purchase.

Other important information:
1. The amount of the gift card includes the amount of purchases + shipping.
2. Time to go shopping up to 365 days.

Christmas Gift Card ABstudio scrapbooking

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